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The Irrigation Australia Governance Officer – Metering has responsibilities including:

  • Engage with CMIs on a range of metering related issues:
    1. Hydraulic disturbance calculations
    2. State regulations
    3. Technical matters relating to meters
    4. Questions on validation certificates (DQP Portal NSW Only)
    5. General metering matters
    6. LID’s and telemetry device questions
  • Engage with regulators on a range of metering issues:
    1. CMI issues e.g. validation certificate matters
    2. Regulatory matters
    3. Participating in meetings including fortnightly DQP Portal review meetings
  • Engage with meter and LID manufacturers on a range of metering issues:
    1. Technical matters regarding products on existing and new devices
  • Work with Irrigation Australia on program related issues:
    1. Allocation of work schedules and priorities
    2. Responding to questions from CMIs
    3. Development of fact sheets and FAQ’s for CMIs
    4. Writing a quarterly article for the Irrigation Journal
    5. Travelling to meetings

CMIs/DQPs are encouraged to contact the Governance Officer - Metering on any metering related issues. 

The current Governance Officer - Metering is Mr. Peter Smith. Peter is based in Tamworth and can be contacted at either:


M: 0455 973 780

Topic starter Posted : 25/01/2021 8:53 am