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Information on Stock & Domestic Rights in NSW & Exemptions From Metering

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The NSW Government intends to make changes to the non-urban metering rules to exempt small licenced domestic and stock water users from the need for a meter. This exemption will ensure that the metering rules apply consistently to small, low-risk works that only take water for domestic and stock purposes, regardless of whether the water is taken under a licence or a basic landholder right.

This exemption will only apply to pumps less than 100 mm or bores less than 200 mm that:

  • are used solely to take water under a domestic and stock water access licence, other than for town water supply
  • do not take water from the ‘at-risk’ groundwater sources prescribed in Schedule 9 of the Water Management (General) Regulation 2018
  • are not on properties with other works captured by the metering rules.

Water users that are exempt can still voluntarily install a meter to take advantage of the two-part telemetry service charge tariff.

The NSW Government will make changes to the Water Management (General) Regulation 2018 to implement this exemption and will notify affected water users.


The temporary exemption will end on 1 December 2024. The exemption will be reviewed as part of the statutory review of the non-urban metering rules in 2024.


These FAQs provide information for landholders who take groundwater under their domestic and stock rights.


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