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[Sticky] RDMW Validation Certificate Module B – Measurement using a water level station in a water storage

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This certificate is to be completed by a Certified Meter Installer (CMI) to validate metering equipment attached to storage works associated with taking water under the authority of the Water Act 2000. The CMI must provide the water level station owner a copy of this certificate, the attached checklists and any associated documentation outlined in the checklists within 20 business days after the completing the validation.

Download the Validation Certificate Module B

Note: In QLD it is the responsibility of the Land Owner to lodge the Validation Certificate but if you are in the field with your iPad and no printer then RDMW will accept certificates directly from the CMI, please make sure Part B is correctly filled out. RDMW QLD Validation Certificates should be sent to the nearest RDMW Office by email e.g.

RDMW Offices can be found at

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