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NSW Telemetry & Data Logging (LIDs) - General Information

Under NSW’s metering rules, all surface water works, except for pumps below 200mm, need to be fitted with an accurate meter and a compatible local intelligence device (LID). A LID is a device, such as a telemetry-enabled data logger or other telemetry-capable field solution that is able to connect to a water meter and transmit metering data to government via telemetry. Is it worth noting that all other works that are captured by the metering rules need to be fitted with a compatible telemetry-capable data logger (a Local Intelligence Device or ‘LID’). Although all LIDs need to be equipped with the capability to transmit data, via telemetry to the DAS, only water users with surface water works, except pumps less than 200mm, need to utilise this capability. Other water users can choose not to utilise this capability and instead operate the LID as a data logger only.
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