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Can ‘multi-sensor' Mace meters connect to the Data Acquisition Service?

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Can ‘multi-sensor' Mace meters connect to the Data Acquisition Service?


There is currently no local intelligence device that meets the NSW Government’s data logging and telemetry specifications with programmable data logging capability to separately record and transmit data from more than one meter.


The Department is continuing to explore options to allow a single LID to connect to multiple meters or meters with multiple sensors.


A Mace Series 3 Agriflo meter with multiple sensors can connect to the data acquisition service by installing individual transmitters and local intelligence devices for each sensor.  


Under the NSW Government’s telemetry rebate program, eligible water users will receive a $975 rebate for each of these local intelligence devices.


Importantly, because the MACE Series 3 meter is not pattern approved, it can be only be used under the non-urban metering rules if it was installed before 1 April 2019 and is shown to be accurate.

Topic starter Posted : 28/10/2021 10:39 am