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Non-urban Water Meter Integration Guide -Desktop Compatibility Review

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Updated - March 2021 with Promag W 400 Meter and BIL WPD Water Meter

Information in this review will assist CMIs in the installation of telemetry & data logging devices known as Local Intelligent Devices (LIDs) in NSW. This work was undertaken by Parasyn on behalf of the NSW Government.

This desktop compatibility review was undertaken to document the applicable interfaces, including wiring details, to facilitate integration between a range of selected non urban water meters and LIDs. The LID and water meter combinations only considered two interfaces: Modbus and hard-wired signals (including pulses and/or status/alarm) and applied as the particular water meter permits. The following meters were included in the review:

  • Krohne WaterFlux 3070
  • Krohne Optiflux 2300C
  • Siemens MAG 8000 + 5100W
  • Siemens MAG 6000CT + 5100W
  • Arad Octave
  • ABB AquaMaster3 FEV2
  • ABB AquaMaster4
  • Aquamonix - Pentair I500
  • Sensus WP-Dynamic
  • Euromag MUT 2200 EL + MC608x
  • Rubicon Sonaray Pipe Meter
  • Mace FloSeries 3 XCi - AgriFlo
  • Endress+Hauser Promag W 400
  • BIL WPD Water Meter

To read the current Non-urban Water Meter Integration Guide click the attachment

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